Types of Writers

Over the passed week, I have had the honor of reading a few manuscripts not yet published. As I read them, I began to think about what drives writers to write. Where do their stories come from? The obvious answer would be from the mind, or heart, of the writer. Is that always the case though? Of course the book, in the form it is in, came from the mind of the writer, but was it always there? This leads me to my topic, the different types of writers.

This post has nothing to do with genres, writing styles, or even whether or not you are professional. It has to two with two things, and two things only. The ones who write to write, and the ones who write to win. Now that may seem like a bit of an odd way to phrase things, but please allow me to clarify. Those that write to write have a story to share. They have something deep within them waiting patiently, or sometimes not so patiently, to burst from within and make its debut onto paper. It keeps you awake at night, figuratively pokes you at random points during your day, it even interrupts your most important business meetings without hesitation. At times all you can do is write simply to evade its pestering. And when it is finally out of your head, and onto paper does it finally lapse into silence. These are the writers of passion, the ones who go on to captivate fresh minds and plant seeds of its own. These are the writers I admire.

Opposite from them, you have the writers that write to win. I despise you. Not because you do not have a story to tell, for surely as I sit typing this you sat typing your book. However these stories did not bloom within you, and did not invade your every day life. You are the ones who sit at your computer and use google to tell you your story. You use the media, the sales records, anything that tells you whats in to write your story. Suddenly, a book about clowns taking over the moon becomes a bestseller, and before we can even stop to consider just who the hell would right a book about clowns, the world is bombarded with clown books. This is your doing, you pesky writer you. Am I disdainful of your desire to write something that someone will read? Of course not. I could never despise you for wanting your book to reach an audience. Every writer wants someone to read their work, anyone who says otherwise is lying. Instead I despise you simply because you did not suffer. Google can not tell you what your passion is, only you can.

Point is, write your story, and write it the way you want, not the way you think more people would want it.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

3 thoughts on “Types of Writers

  1. I completely agree with you. There are so many books being published that are absolutely ridiculous. You know those writers are marketing to a certain audience just so they can make a little extra cash (50 Shades of Grey comes to mind).

    I have a problem. I feel like I have to write something. Something wants to be put down on paper, but I just can’t get it out. Occasionally I’ll think of something and jot it down, so now I have a bunch of random sentences written down and nothing to go on. I think that’s why I started a blog. Maybe it will help me out.

    Do you have this problem as well?

    • I suppose my issue is very similar to this. I write down everything that my pestering muse tells me too… but when I read it over its just NOT right. Unlike everyone else’s little pester-bug… mine never goes away. I write something, and no matter how wonderful I think it is, within a week that little brat will be back telling me how to improve it. This is why I can’t publish anything other than blogs. Because my stupid brain won’t just let go…

      It gets very frustrating.

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